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It’s strange; I used to have a jumble of words swimming around in my head. They assembled themselves into sentences and paragraphs. They spoke about everything, but mostly judgments and prejudgments. Now my mind is less busy (except in times of distress) and I generally feel content most of the time. Is it the beginning of maturity, or is it a case of not using my mind as often?

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You are where I want to be, where I feel safe and warm.
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collections that are raw as fuck zuhair murad pre-fall 2014

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Yang dirasa bukan benci,
tapi harapan yang pupus
dan khilaf karena pernah berharap.

Dan wanita itu bertanya,
akankah ia berlari menyongsong
tatkala matahari muncul?
Atau akankah ia tenggelam
dalam musnahnya asa?

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